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Born on the island of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
Juan Fierro began in 1999 on the only radio station specializing in underground sound: Universal Grooves.
Connected to the world of music as a child, directly influenced by a family of artists in the Canary Islands.
Juan Fierro has visited many parts of the world offering their musical concept places like Madrid, Barcelona, Murcia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, New York, New Jersey, Istanbul…He has also attended numerous international music festivals, where it offers sets loaded with cutting-edge music, rare grooves, afro deep house, funk, pop and house productions.
As a producer tries in each of its productions captivate with a sound full of atmosphere, pace and good vibes with a technique with getting a groove just different.

Record Labels: Deepnsound Recordings (CAN) Vida Records (SPA) Compost Records (GER) Centric Music (UK) Musoul Recordings (UK) Adaptation Music (UK) De La Casa (UK) Nu Deep Music (FRA) Cover Music (SPA) Son Liva (UK)  MoD Vision (SWI) Ukle Music